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Trump gets 1st classified intelligence FBI briefing

Washington-Donald Trump has vowed not to use classified information for political campaigning as the controversial billionaire received his first intelligence briefing by FBI in the capacity of Republican presidential nominee.
As per the US laws, presidential nominees of the Democratic and Republican parties receive classified presidential briefings which prepares them for presidency if elected.
Given some of his rhetoric in the past, his opponents have urged the US Government not to provide him with intelligence briefing.
However, the FBI went ahead with its well established tradition of providing classified briefings to the GOP candidate, which happened at the FBI office in New York.
Trump was accompanied by two of his confidants New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn.
The briefing that reportedly lasted for more than two hours was led by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
While there was no word, these classified intelligence briefings normally includes threats to the US and other security issues. It is not secret intelligence briefings which includes operational intelligence.

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